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Check out the grounds, services, and experiences that we are planning to make available to our guests in the near future

At Sun Aeriko, we will continue working hard to provide upgraded services, grounds, and experiences to all of our guests, even after the initial opening of the hotel. Below you can find a list of what's coming soon to Sun Aeriko!

The Canteen Farm

Street Food

Signature Cocktails

Local Ingredients

This innovative space serves as an outdoor canteen area that redefines the concept of dining, offering a unique experience that combines comfort and street food. It not only caters to the hotel's guests but also warmly welcomes external customers, creating a vibrant culinary hub on the island.


The Wet Zone

The Wet Zone mainly hosts the hotel's central swimming pool, together with its surrounding area including sunbeds, umbrellas, cabanas, and daybeds. It is located between two other zones, the Welcome Zone and the Canteen Farm, serving a special pool menu.

Personal Training

Surrounded by Tinos's nature

Guests at Sun Aeriko will be greatly benefitted by our personal training service, dedicated to their well-being. Tailored to their fitness goals, our expert trainers guide them on a journey to rejuvenation, using state-of-the-art equipment and modern training techniques.

Warm Up on the Beach
Image by Patrick Hendry

Yoga & Meditation

Personal or group sessions

Sun Aeriko has created a unique outdoor area, with a unique view of the sunset, where guests can take part in individual or group sessions for yoga, and meditation, focusing on improving their wellbeing.

Sunset Massages

In an outdoor kiosk

Dedicated to the well-being of our guests, our team places paramount importance on providing a sanctuary for relaxation. We've crafted a special outdoor space on a terrace, specifically designed for Sunset Massages. Here, guests can unwind amidst a stunning panoramic backdrop, serenaded by the gentle tunes of a soothing playlist.

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